Lost Generation

09 Nov

To all those who call us “Lost Generation” …

I’m not from that generation everyone talks about.

I have two degrees, I speak English and French and I like interacting with people from other cultures. Nowadays, I’m under 30 years old and I’m living outside Spain. Not in the U.S. nor Europe, but in sub-Saharan Africa, where I live day by day dreaming with a better world. A place where you, my dear friend, call “the third world” and where you dare not appear. A place where people looks to your eyes and smile, even if they have to live without these things that you consider basic to your survival.

Perhaps not all of us have college degrees and speak some languages, but this is not important because diversity means richness. What I can say is that I am from a generation of fighters, who seek not only the solution of our problems, but those of our families and our society. Those who have learned to swap our friends and family, for hope and future. I’m from the generation of the effort … At present, to be engineer is not a guarantee of having a secure future. We don’t know what is “to live beyond our means”, or to live better than our parents do … because we don’t do it.

We have learned to work together as a team, may seem a “cliché”, to talk to any person from which you can have something to learn, to look around us, to forgive the mistakes of the others and to get on with our lives.

I don’t know why you assert that I belong to a “lost generation”. Perhaps we have found a way that you haven’t planned and you are scared, because you feel that your future is in danger… I’m not willing to return to a country where you can breathe snub, selfishness and pessimism. Where the previous generation has taught us the meaning of individualism and greed for money and power. And yes, I want to save money, but the first thing I would buy won’t be a car or a house but it would be an air ticket to India where I think I could learn things that we cannot learn in the school … this school you have designed and changed with your friends, leaving us this educational system we have now and which, by the way, you blame for the bad results you get: a generation, lost?

Did you know my dear friend? It’s called Lost Generation to those writers who lived after the World War II (and until the Great Depression), it was a hard time for the economy of the United States that led to the crisis of 1929. They reflected in their works the materialism that the previous generation left them.

If we talk in these terms maybe yes, you’re right, we may be a generation of effort that live in the opposite of opulence or excess. But who knows values ​​often forgotten as solidarity, respect and optimism.

Everywhere I look and everyone I talk with, I can see people who are just like that. And the only word that comes to me when I remember them in the distance is AUTHENTIC. Because that’s what we have been taught to be. True people. Eager to be happy and with the need to be genuine, pure, original.

They expect to provide the world more than empty buildings, debts or discouragements but they want to contribute with joy and hope, leaving their children a world fairer, happier … where they could work, yes, but above all where they can LIVE and be happy .

Indeed, not everyone of this Lost Generation are noble and sincere, in the same way that people of your generation are not like you, my friend. They are an example for many of us, helping us and teaching us to be as we are. People who remain in the shadow encouraging us to be free, independent, to believe in love, in friendship and fraternity. They work themselves, their families and their careers. I wish these people could lead a country, with the values ​​that really matter! Dear friend, don’t call us lost generation, because maybe you’re more lost than many of us.

You accuse us to be apathetic, rebellious, indifferent, lazy … We don’t want to participate in a system that has been start up to enrich a few people. Do you know why? We don’t believe in it. From our smallness of being young we shout in silence and implore for a change. We don’t have your experience, but we do it in our way. Just like you, when you were young asking for the democracy that you craved.

Economists, journalists, politicians, writers, gurus … nobody knows what we are living though many of them try to be connoisseurs. The truth is that we are lucky to have the opportunity to live this change, perhaps a paradigm shift. Because a change forces you to adapt yourself and set your own rules. I am proud to live in this generation, because I know that we all share this way of thinking. And perhaps if we learn from past mistakes and if we don’t fall into the same errors… we’ll have the opportunity to build an open society, willing to fight for what they believe, based on the values ​​that actually build humans and without many of the social taboos that you have. And when we are old enough, we’ll look back and proudly say: Someone called us Lost Generation but I belonged to that generation of braves.

I know this post is not my usual way of write, but don’t worry, I’ll return to it. To write it, I have documented before and curiously, almost every newspaper have used this term of “Lost Generation”. Thanks for the inspiration. Attached links to the articles: El Mundo, El Pais, El Correo Gallego, Bloger responding to  El MundoEl PaísEl Correo GallegoBloger respondiendo a El PaísEl PaísBlog Personal (Perspectiva de un padre)El PaísEl MundoBBC MundoABCEl MundoEl MundoEl PaísExpansiónCinco DíasCinco DíasEuroxpressBlog Comité de EstudiantesBlog de Filosofía,  Blog personal, and of course other websites, Wikipedia and YouTube videos. It’s important for you to know that this are articles from spanish journalists… are they who call us “Lost Generation”.

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